Developer Log

This is Steven, I'm the lead artist in Iron Glory.  Rosvany and I change spots I was the lead programmer, but I believe Rosvany does a better job then me in programming/coding. I'm in charge for the Assets such as characters, background and other assets I'll be designing soon. I'll demonstrate the progress of the design I'm currently working on and the due date of these assets must be done.

Character, Backgrounds, and other assets (Vending Machines, weights plates, barbel, etc...) 

November Update

Weeks 1 - 2: These assets will take a couple of weeks (2 weeks have passed) initially it would have taken 2 weeks but some assets had to be replace and rebuild by Monday 11/20/17 these assets will be completed.

Week 3 Sound for the character (Players) movement. music in the background, speech noise a little gibberish talk or 8-bit white noise 

provide help to our programmer if needed, if not continue with sound effects for the game this should only take 2 or 3 days straight. Make the Mini game Assets (Player character lifting weights while player press buttons) and Bosses Fights Assets.

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